Divine Duality's 

Miracle Masquerade


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sanctuary for all living beings who have been forgotten. We want to inspire, affirm, and heal so all people can be at their best in order to give their best to the community around them. Through Divine Duality, we hope to encourage and facilitate an environment where all are welcome to become who they are meant to be. By affecting who we can, when we can, our hope is to create relationships that produce bonds with nature and each other. By working together to positively affect their greater humanity, we will remember those who have been forgotten and create a space of revival, healing, and service. The world is filled with a collage of people with needs of all kinds. We hope to fulfill these needs and to sustainably supplement a healthy environment for all those around us. By creating opportunities for people who may not have previously had them, we are able to create a space where all those, even the forgotten of society, can prosper and find a home. We already have the capacity to improve our world, but it takes a concerted effort to do so. Your contribution can help achieve a solution.

 - Divine Duality, LLC